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Welcome to Our Blog – Live Wedding Band

We are The Plectrums Live Wedding Band.  Our blog is now online and we are here to be your source for all things wedding band related.  We hope to inform you on a variety of wedding related subjects.  From wedding music do’s and don’t’s to how to choose the perfect Live Wedding Band.   In time, hopefully you’ll gain a better understanding of what bands offer and how to go about the section process.  With our extensive knowledge of the industry, we aim to highlight the various aspects you should consider when searching for a great band.

Our focus is to help others understand what it means to play in a live wedding band.  To do this, we intend to refer to a variety of great resources to always support the Blog.  We are also always happy to chat with you our followers. Whether it’s to discuss our experiences on the road or recommend a venue or band, we’re always happy to help.  Playing live frequently, we tend to discuss a wide range of topics with people that we felt would be of interest and importance to a larger audience. So, for that reason, we have decided to setup our blog!

Taking this in to account, we want you to use our blog as an educational resource. Essentially developing our own little part of the internet that is full of relevant information for you our followers.  We aim to discuss an assortment of band topics; helping to make you feel certain we can offer great advice and guidance about the career we have come to love! We want to focus on some of the most notable aspects of band-life also.  To us its important and we hope to present information that helps our readers have a better understanding of things.

And, of course, we want our blog to be seen as a two-way communication resource.  Therefore, if you have any questions or would like us to cover something in particular, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
We’re huge believers in being open and honest.  We hope that through our blog, you’ll gain a fantastic insight into Wedding Band life and how to choose the right wedding band.

Please feel free to drop us a line for more information on our Live Wedding Band.

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