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Life in a Scottish Wedding Band – Our Journey So Far

Last year, 2018, was a great year for ‘The Plectrums’ as an upcoming Scottish Wedding Band. Realising our true potential as aspiring musicians is proving to be a real adventure for everyone involved in the band.  Like many other creative professionals, we have quickly come to understand that the life of a musician has some undeniable advantages over other careers. Understandably, we have enjoyed making the most of the journey along the way since we started together back in 2014.

When it comes to performing live, the main upside for all of the band is having the platform and opportunity to all do what we love most. On top of that, we get to play and earn an income along the way – it’s perfect.  With that said, not everyone will quite appreciate the fine art of Scottish Wedding Band entertainment as a passion project. But, collectively, we really have loved all the work and new challenges that come with this unique, ever growing market.

“A Superb Platform for a Scottish Wedding Band”

The list of rewards and benefits for a career in music are fairly endless for us.  You would certainly be forgiven for thinking that the best part of our job may be the limitless offers of free drinks. Or perhaps the generous hospitality we always experience at the hands of our clients. However, for us, it always goes back to that old cliche; being in a band gives us a superb platform to do that thing we love the most – Playing Music LIVE.

It certainly isn’t something we took for granted either!   The prospect of playing live music for great audiences in exceptional venues like ‘The Caves’ in Edinburgh with its enchanting, whisky-cellar vault setting or the charming, contemporary and modern ‘Lochside House Hotel’ with its stunning rural backdrop on the outskirts of Cumnock in Ayrshire, was a particularly encouraging highlight to the year for all of the line-up.  Weekends were never dull and we always had something new to look forward to. What more could a musician ask for as part of a great Scottish Wedding Band? 

The Marvel of Scotland

2018 was absolutely a standout year for the band.  Our dedication undoubtedly started to pay off. getting to travel all over Scotland from sunny Glasgow & Edinburgh to the Central Belt & the Highlands was a fantastic opportunity also. It allowed us to witness the marvel of this incredible country of ours first hand.  It was a rare chance to take in the scenic Scottish countryside. Together, we also had the chance to meet some amazing people as part of our work. Not forgetting to mention the new friends, new venues and the new challenges of adapting to an ever changing and growing wedding industry we got to enjoy as a by-product of live performing.

Scottish Wedding Band
The Band’s penultimate show of the year performing at the Miller & Bryce annual party at the wonderful Glasgow Science Centre

With the variety of venues and people from many different walks of life, came the chance to add to our ever growing repertoire of classic songs. This really did help us to tailor the best live experience for our clients and their guests in real-time on any given night.  When we put it all together, given the fantastic feedback we receive along the way, it really is worth it. We can honestly say that performing live has been a huge pleasure for all of the band members involved. 

A Big Thank You to All

So, with that in mind, we just wanted to say a massive thank you to each and everyone one of you. You have been kind enough to compliment us personally on several occasions. Your great feedback and compliments are always welcomed. It always gives us a real vote of confidence and reaffirms that we are doing something right.

In particular, we would like to extend a special thank you to all of our amazing clients who kindly chose to consider ‘The Plectrums’. After all, they chose to hire us based on our talent, hard work and enthusiastic approach to wedding entertainment. Understandably, we are very grateful for this. Without them we would never be able to reap the all the great benefits of playing in a Scottish Wedding Band and doing what we love most. Moving forward, we look forward to another successful year and aim to get better. We intend on growing our reputation as a reliable, entertaining and energetic band here in the glorious country of Scotland.


The Plectrums

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