Finding the perfect wedding band in glasgow

How to find the Perfect Wedding Band

When it comes to picking the perfect wedding band for your big day, unfortunately, it can be a fairly overwhelming task. Nowadays, there are so many bands to choose from. It means there are a lot of considerations to make: Do you want a band with a female singer? Do you want a band that can play live ceilidh music? Do you want a band that can play a particular genre or style of music? Quite simply, the list of considerations is endless!

As a Glasgow Wedding Band, we have came up with this brief and informative step by step guide to picking the right band for your special wedding day. This is by no means a complete checklist but it can help highlight some key aspects when selecting a band you should certainly consider:

1. Narrow Down the Choice

Since this is likely to be the only time you’ll ever look to hire a wedding band, it’s important to make some initial decisions about your requirements before you even begin to start looking for the right group. Do you want a band that can play past midnight? Does the band have to wear a particular style of clothing? Does your choice of venue restrict you to the size of band that you can hire? Are you perhaps looking for a band that concentrates on a specific genre of music? (We have known couples that have looked for strictly Reggae music the whole evening – it happens). Work out these kinds of questions beforehand and you can quickly determine exactly what you’re looking for in a band to save you time overall.

2. Set a Budget

Shop with the assumption that you’ll probably spend round about £1,200 for an average wedding band. There are so many variables and this cost can vary drastically when you start looking at large brass sections and specialist musicians for your special day. However, as a general rule of thumb, this is a fairly competitive and representative price to consider. Adding specialist musicians that can help offer a wider variety of music will increase your costs but, it may be exactly what you want. Just make sure to have a budget in mind before setting out. This can help avoid disappointment when the reality of a 15 piece mini orchestra is the equivalent of caviar for breakfast!

3. Start the Search Early On

Once you have a solid idea of what you’d like from your musicians, it’s time for the fun part: going to see the bands live! Give yourselves at least 18 months prior to the wedding date to find your band. You’ll need this time to browse and research prices that fit in with your budget. This will also give you time to revisit bands for a second glimpse and allow you to find an alternative band if your first choice are sadly unavailable to play your date. TOP TIP: Remember! The choice on offer out there is vast and as long as you start early enough you will find a band that is absolutely perfect for your big day. So start the search early!

4. Mix It Up

Don’t worry if you like rock and your partner likes modern pop. There’s no rule that says you have to choose a band that focuses on one style of music. In fact, we strongly recommend that you try and avoid these types of bands. Remember that an evening’s entertainment at your wedding is for your guests too and the chances are you will have a variety of music tastes in the room – some good and some bad! So, try and select a band that can cater for a wide audience and keep your dance floor full the whole night long!

5. Tie ‘em down

So, you have found the perfect group. You are happy with what they have to offer. Now it is important that you agree and settle everything with them in writing. Make sure to sign a binding contract that protects your investment. It will guarantee that you get exactly what you want from your evening’s entertainment. You should also be aware that it is entirely normal for a band to take a deposit from you. This is to protect the band also and to secure the booking with them. The remaining balance will typically then be due for payment nearer the time of the wedding itself. Some bands even prefer to take full payment on the night of the gig. So, don’t be afraid to negotiate the terms of the night’s entertainment with them before setting everything in stone.

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